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Mystic Dragon's Lair

Unakite Tumble (Cube)

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Unakite has a specific affinity for the heart and can help one have a better awareness of their emotional body. Simply meditating with this stone will assist us in releasing the "dead weight" feelings we are still carrying. These feelings serve no useful purpose and are taking up valuable space in your heart. Unakite aids in overcoming adversity, regardless of emotional agony, and allows one to fully reach inner peace. Even when dealing with the most difficult emotions, this gem has a gentle touch and will put you at ease.
It's a potent transformation talisman that will not only strengthen your heart, but also help you bridge the gap to new possibilities!

Unakite is a natural amplifier of any emotion or vibration that is placed around it since it contains Epidote. For example, if you're having a rough day and have a piece of Unakite on you, we recommend putting it away for the time being. Allow yourself to begin the next day with a clear head and a cheerful outlook.