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Mystic Dragon's Lair

Spiritual Enhancement Candle Spell Kit

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Do you ever feel like you are not as connected with the spirit real as you wish to be? We have been there too. Use this candle spell to help enhance that spiritual connection. 

Hold the Candle and put all of your intention of spiritual connection or enhancement into it. To further enhance this spell, carve your name into the candle. Dress the oil by rubbing some of the provided oil around the candle. Roll the candle in the herbal mixture or cover as you see fit.

We recommend taking a moment of silence to center yourself before lighting the candle. Ensure the candle is in a fire safe dish and you watch over it at all times while it burns. While the candle is burning, keep the amethyst close to it or hold in your hand while you meditate, repeating the included mantra if desired.

Once the candle has burned down completely and it cool to the touch, dispose of as you see fit. Keep the amethyst on your person when you feel you need to strengthen your spiritual connection or for meditations and the mantra card can be used as you feel is best. I keep mine by my place of meditation so that I can use it prior to entering that spiritual connection.


-Spiritual Enhancement Oil

-Spiritual Enhancement Herbal Blend

-Purple Spell Candle

-Amethyst Tumble

-Mantra Card