Skeleton Carving

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Hand carved, these make great additions to ancestor altars! Use them to represent those who have passed and live on in spirit.

If that is not what you are interested in, they also make wonderful decor pieces!

White Aventurine: This stone enhances psychic visions and may boost clairvoyant abilities. Works with all chakras but best for the upper ones such as crown and third eye. Helps you to love and accept yourself as you are, regardless of what you may perceive as imperfections. 

Obsidian: A wonderful stone that is grounding and connects best with the root chakra. This will help with deep self healing and protection.

Labradorite: Another protective stone, this one reflects any negativity that may come toward you right back out. Works great with throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Known as the stone of transformation, it helps one thought difficult life changes while strengthening their faith in themselves and the universe.