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Mystic Dragon's Lair

Scolecite Tumble

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Scolecite is a stone representing connection and calm.
Scolecite works with and attunes to the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras to create a deep, inner tranquility. Meditating with Scolecite can aid us in present physical existence by bringing insights from the past and future.

Scolecite dissolves energy blockages and stagnant emotional, physical, and mental energy, allowing energy to flow freely through all of the Chakras.

Scolecite is a multi-dimensional crystal that functions as a guide for astral travelers, allowing us to communicate with other beings from other worlds. It provides protection from bad astral energy or creatures intruding. Scolecite aids communication with other realms, particularly the spiritual world, by facilitating the opening of informational networks and patterns. It is a valuable stone for extra-terrestrial contact and to retrieve information from past civilizations.

Scolecite facilitates communication with our higher selves, allowing us to acquire insight into our soul's path throughout this lifetime and beyond. Scolecite can help us reach a sense of tranquility, even during the most stormy situations, by gradually enhancing dream states and enhancing higher consciousness.

Scolecite, which vibrates with an energy that quickens the expression of love and bonding in partnerships and teams, may be utilized to strengthen the Heart Chakra energies emotionally. Scolecite aids in the resolution of difficult circumstances.
It softly encourages receptivity, encourages expansion, and aids in the creation of equilibrium in the face of adversity.