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Mystic Dragon's Lair

Raw Apache Tear

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Apache Tears are a volcanic form of Obsidian that forms when hot lava erupting from a volcano solidifies before it reaches the ground. It's fire energy emitted from deep under the Earth! It instantaneously reconnects us to the energy of the Earth. Apache Tears are formed from the Earth's deep core, and their energy will assist us in healing our deep emotional wounds. They work to assist us release our grief, clearing barriers that hinder us from doing so, and accepting that what occurred, has happened, while empowering us to move on. Apache Tears’ extraordinarily powerful grounding force can be exploited to send our spiritual energy back down to earth at times when we are living with only our higher Chakras in mind. It does this by helping us integrate our spiritual experiences with our physical body guaranteeing equilibrium is inevitably reached.

Apache Tears Obsidian can be used to comfort shed tears, promoting understanding and acceptance for the grief. This stone also helps to release self limiting beliefs, prejudices, and deep hurts and promotes forgiveness.

According to folklore, in 1875, the US troops discovered a hidden way up an escarpment near Superior, Arizona (today known as "Apache Leap Mountain") where a group of Apache warriors were hiding. The majority of Apaches were killed in a surprise ambush. To avoid being caught by soldiers, a group of 75 Apache warriors elected to plunge to their deaths from the top of the escarpment cliff. When the Apache warriors' families learned of their untimely deaths, they cried. According to legend, as the tears of the families hit the ground, they turned to stone, becoming the apache tears. Many people believe that carrying the stones today will bring them good luck. Although it is a wonderful story, science and history teach us that the origins of these stones are different.