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Mystic Dragon's Lair

Lava Stone Bracelet (8mm)

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This is a beautiful bracelet made of 8mm beads strung on an elastic cord. Please do not put this bracelet in water as it could possibly wear away at the elasticity of the cord.


Lava Stone is a grounding stone that enhances ones bond with Mother Nature. It provides strength and bravery, helping one to remain stable in the face of change. In situations where we may need to "bounce back," it gives direction and knowledge.

It is a relaxing stone that aids in the release of anger. Lava stone encourages good behavioral adjustments where they are required.

This stone is also great as a fertility enhancement.

One of our favorite aspects of Lava Stone is that it is an excellent essential oil diffuser. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the stone and have the lasting benefit of aromatherapy all day.



It's crucial to keep in mind that healing is different from curing. Healing is the process of assisting the body or mind to grow stronger and hence better. Always consult your doctor if you have lingering health concerns or significant injuries - healing with gemstones, reiki and other alternative treatments complements, but are not designed as a substitute for medical, or psychiatric, diagnosis and treatment as needed.