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Mystic Dragon's Lair

Ice Selenite Slice

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Selenite is one of few crystals that never needs to be cleansed. It absorbs negative energy but releases it back into the world and does not hold on to it. This stone can cleanse and charge other stones, keeping it with your tarot deck or other divination tools keeps them cleansed and ready to use at all times.

Selenite can help to calm and settle unpredictable emotions, as well as to relieve uncertainty, feelings of inadequacy, jealously, doubt, and other negative emotions.
It enables one to see into the inner workings of a situation and to distinguish between what is superficial and what is occurring at a deeper level.
Selenite aids in the development of flexibility in one's personality as well as the strength of one's decisions.

Selenite infuses everything it touches with heavenly light and promotes the clearest state of mind possible, in which all concepts reach the consciousness as direct reflections of pure spirit.
It is one of the most effective crystals for removing clogged energies or negativity from the physical and etheric bodies, as well as for assisting one in consciously connecting with the higher Self.

Selenite is thought to hold the history of the world inside its fine linear striations, and can aid in connecting with ancient wisdom and understanding.
It can also be used to enter the between-lives condition to see how far one has progressed and to figure out how to best address challenges in this life.


**Remember, these are raw crystals and having some breaking on edges or dust in the package is normal. We do our best to package thoroughly and carefully.**