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Mystic Dragon's Lair

Elemental Crystal Grid Set

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A set that includes all you need to make a crystal grid that will bring in energy of any of the four elements. Included in this set are:

-Crystals for each elemental grid in their own containers

      -Earth: Pet Wood, Seraphinite, Quartz Points, Garden Quartz

      -Air: Aragonite Sputnik, Quartz Points, Fluorite

      -Fire: Black Jasper, Garnet, Lemon Quatz

      -Water: Chrysoprase, Kunzite, Quartz Points, Aura Quartz


-Laminated, double-sided crystal grids

-Wooden tray (Helps keep the grid contained if knocked or moved)


Use these grids to really call forth the power of each element; Earth for stability and grounding, Air for flexibility during tough times, Fire for passion of all kinds, and water to sooth emotions. There are many other ways to utilize the elements, but those are a few go to examples.


You can see how we set up the grids but be sure to add your own touch. Add herbs, other crystals, anything that calls to you. This is meant to get one started on working with elemental crystal grids. Message us with any questions you may have.