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Mystic Dragon's Lair


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Coprolite is petrified dinosaur feces that, in many circumstances, results in exquisite fossilized stones. Coprolite, like other fossils, is a stone that enables and encourages old wisdom while also providing access to the Akashic records. Agate, Amber, Foliage, Jasper, Jet, Quartz, Sand, and other minerals found around the excrement that fossilize with it can all be found in coprolite. Coprolite is a highly charged stone that fosters happiness, harmony, and appreciation as a result of this. Coprolite instills in you a natural awareness of life and mortality, directing your thoughts and actions toward what makes you happy and content. Coprolite is often a dung-colored material that ranges from beige to honey-brown in hue.
Some examples are dusty and biological, while others have been petrified and resemble fine jasper.