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Mystic Dragon's Lair

Chrysoprase Heart

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Chrysoprase balances yin-yang energy and brings Universal energy into the physical body by opening, activating, and energizing the heart and sacral chakras.
It instills a sense of being a part of the divine totality and causes deep meditation states.

Chrysoprase encourages the pursuit of truth.
It instills hope and promotes loyalty in both professional and personal relationships.
It encourages creativity and brings forth one's natural abilities. Chrysoprase helps to cure the inner child by releasing feelings that have been bottled up since childhood.
It has the ability to mend a shattered heart, heal relationships, and transform negative feelings into pleasant ones.

Chrysoprase aids in the reduction of compulsive or impulsive furious thoughts and behavior, as well as the redirection of one's focus to good occurrences.
It instills a sense of safety and trust, and it aids in the healing of codependency while also promoting independence and commitment.
It encourages acceptance of oneself and others by fostering nonjudgmental attitudes.