How to Pick Your First Crystal

How to Pick Your First Crystal

Choosing your first crystal is both a very personal and sometimes very overwhelming thing. When you walk into a crystal store, there is such a large variety to choose form that it can easily become overwhelming trying to find what is a good stone to start with, what will help you with what you want, etc. Do you choose something common such as an amethyst tumble-stone or something with a little more presence like a crystal skull?

Our friendly staff is always here to help but we also understand that not everyone has the luxury of coming into our physical store. So, here we are to help give you some tips on how to pick your first crystal both in person and online.

What are you looking for it to help with?

Do you have in mind what you would like this crystal or stone to help you with? There is a very wide variety of things they can help us with both emotionally, spiritually, and medically(we are not medical professionals and implore you to seek proper medical attention for all issues). That being said… here are few options for things that could help with some basic things many first start looking for. Now, keep in mind, we are only talking about the stone itself and not what each specific shape could be used for. To start, don’t worry about that at all…trust your intuition and go with what feels right.


For self-love, many people gravitate toward rose quartz. This is a very common stone that exudes energies of peace, compassion, and love. It helps with feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, and forgiveness.

Another great option for self-love is rhodocrosite. This pink stone with beautiful patterns is wonderful for giving one the courage to love yourself and others. Sometimes fear of love or inability to love come from past trauma. rhodocrosite is great at helping one overcome those childhood or past emotional traumas(even those from past lives).


Protection is a HUGE request many times, whether it be from someone or something, most people are looking for a stone for protection. Black obsidian is a go to protection stone. This is a strong grounding stone and is very protective. I do warn you, this is a very strong grounding stone though, it is not gentle about grounding you but it definitely gets the job done.



Tiger’s eye is an amazing protective stone that many people forget about due to its mass amounts of other properties. Holding this stone brings an emotional feeling similar to being wrapped in the arms of someone you trust.



Opening Your Third Eye/Enhancing Psychic Abilities

Iolite is the perfect stone for any third eye work. The deep indigo color is the exact color of your third eye chakra. Iolite will help you to eliminate your fear of the unknown and amplifies ones intuition. Enhancing psychic connections and meditation sessions iolite could possibly induce visions.

Another great stone for psychic work is Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is wonderful to help one to increase intuition and psychic abilities but not only that, it helps you to communicate which in turns helps one to believe and trust in their own intuition.



Lepidolite is the absolute best stone and first stone to pick up if you are looking for help with stress and anxiety. This stone brings a soothing feeling of calm and inner peace that helps you release those pent up emotions.

The best stone to use if you are looking to use if you are look to instill more happiness in you life is citrine. Citrine brings confidence and in that confidence to live your life to its fullest, encompassed in happiness.




This is something that everyone is looking for more of in their life at some point. The best stone to bring in prosperity is pyrite. This stone is also known as fool’s gold and brings wealth, prosperity, and success.

Green Aventurine is another stone that can bring in prosperity to its holder. The main difference between this stone and pyrite with regards to prosperity is that Green Aventurine also brings luck.




Blue Kyanite cleanses and aligns all your chakras. Deeply calming you, it can allow those emotions that no longer serve you to leave. This is one of few stones that never needs to be charged or cleansed(We will post about cleansing and charging your crystals later on).

Black Tourmaline is what is known as a scrubbing stone. It clears your aura, that energy field around your body, removing any negativity and removes energy blockages. It puts up an energetic protection barrier around the wearer.


How to know if that crystal is yours

If you are in-store, touching is the absolute best way to identify which crystal you are drawn to within a specific group. Most can feel the energy or they just know they are drawn to something and don’t know why. If you are feeling pulled to a crystal it means that you need it in your life for one reason or another. Do some research on its properties and you will find out why you were so strongly attracted to it.

It is hard to explain what you feel when you know a stone is yours. It is a gut feeling of knowing. Your hand might get warm or cold when touching or holding the stone.

If you are not able to touch the stone in person try to feel out for its energy. Sometimes you can feel a connection even though you are not there in person with it. Other times, like I said, it is a gut feeling.

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